Sunday, April 18, 2010 semester suxxx.... :(

ahhh..finally done with my btp( Project)....

that was a long week... n have 2 submit a term paper on tuesday n even gotta work on a project carrying a weightage of 60% yet 2 b started n to be submitted on 22nd Bleh!!!
This apart I have 6 exams starting 26th of april with 2 exams on the very 1st day :(

Can u imagine 6 hrs of continuous exam in this hot stupid summer.... how energy sapping would that be... :(

Ahhh....gow I'm heavily screwed... this apart i gotta submit an asst of 5% weightage n another of 10% on 22nd :| ....

I guess now you can clearly see why I'm so heavily strained :( !!! DAMN this sem!!!

This apart my posting has been confirmed n Iam posted in hyderabad.... as if i couldn't use one good news in life :( ...

I shall soon post on my btp guys catch ya thn :)

N wish me all the luck... coz that is all i gonna need in the coming weeks :(

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