Saturday, March 5, 2011

A short update

Well, been quite a long time since I last posted, though I'm not gonna bore you with all the details of my current status.. this post is just to keep you updated(read it as don't bug me/act concerned about my current job status/further studies).

As I mentioned in the last post I desperately needed some good luck to scrap through in the last semester, but fate had something else planned for me. So flunked in the final semester,had to stay back an extra semester thanks to some really insensible rules. On the positive side that extra semester proved to be fun, finally done with my last December. Cleared dues,reached home towards the end of January,enjoying a nice little break from all the depressing things of life, with some nice mom-cooked delicious healthy home food. Entered March, finally job tension catching up, hoping for an analyst profile. Gotta wait and see what future has in store for me.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 semester suxxx.... :(

ahhh..finally done with my btp( Project)....

that was a long week... n have 2 submit a term paper on tuesday n even gotta work on a project carrying a weightage of 60% yet 2 b started n to be submitted on 22nd Bleh!!!
This apart I have 6 exams starting 26th of april with 2 exams on the very 1st day :(

Can u imagine 6 hrs of continuous exam in this hot stupid summer.... how energy sapping would that be... :(

Ahhh....gow I'm heavily screwed... this apart i gotta submit an asst of 5% weightage n another of 10% on 22nd :| ....

I guess now you can clearly see why I'm so heavily strained :( !!! DAMN this sem!!!

This apart my posting has been confirmed n Iam posted in hyderabad.... as if i couldn't use one good news in life :( ...

I shall soon post on my btp guys catch ya thn :)

N wish me all the luck... coz that is all i gonna need in the coming weeks :(

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey guyz writin my blog 4 d 1st time frm my mobile :D right now sittin in the damned lucknow passport office.It had been 14 months now n am yet 2 get d damned psprt. Thanx 2 mani or i'd've died of boredom here :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Extended weekend,CS & diet:)

end 2 my midsems....much worse than imaginable... :(.... 6 xmz in under 48hrs :( .... whatever end 2 all of that shit on wednesday ... n was having a lovely extended weekend thnx 2 d mon-tue-wed xmz :)

Anywayz a new phase of my gamin life :D...yes finally after all the AOE n other shit ... I'm finally totally into CS(counter Strike).... thanx 2 d @ppL3 clan... ofcourse with tremendrous support from Jessie,Nexp n joker(yesul)...

N commin 2 d issue that i've mentioned earlier.... putting up weight :)... ya believe me I'm really into it... n really commited on it... don't believe?take this .... my daily diet apart from the three diets is 6bananas,4 eggs n 1L of milk :D...yeah ny suggestion 4 improvin on my wt r definitely invited :D