Friday, March 19, 2010

Lazy n sleeping ... :(

Ahh.....itz been sum real long time... my last post being on march 26th...almost an yr... holy christ!!!.... guess i must've been sleepin all thru the yr... coz last yr was on of the wrst i ever managed 2 live thru in mah life...failing thru a course,spoilin my relations with frndz az i'm 2 lazy 2 care 4 them :( [quite unusual as i luv frndz]... loosing wt...n what not.... :D

nywayz updates abt the last yr :)
---> bless god!!!I was given a wonderful sister despite he took away my bro a yr b4...
--->Failed in a course :D :D :D
---> took up a job @ infotech ... don't ask me how... i was in hangover in the interview... n don't remember a thing :|
--->Rocked as showM in techkriti :D ... one of my initials steps 2 grow back my life 2 normal :D
---> my ph time exponentially fell down....
--->n just b4 techkriti(abt a month back)i noticed dwn i noticed i have reached a new low in wt (much lower than my 10th class wt :|) now putting all my efforts in improving on the same... n bless me i've grown 6.90kgs since.... 3.90 kilos heavier than i had ever been... n mission 4.1 more kgs in 2 weeks.... plz keep ur fingers crossed 4 me :D note: please don't ask my wt
---->My laptop back alive after 4 long months msd u hon.... :)
----> BTP shaping well .... thnx 2 zakir n chittu ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ u guys :)
----> i need 2 do a project on cad .... sum1 help me plz.... :)

Promises 2 myself :
---> i shall be posting regularly frm now on.... as finally i have managed 2 wake up :D
--->i shall be uploadin a new look of mine shortly[itz been a secret till now :D]

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