Monday, October 13, 2008


yeah diz 1 of d common topics dat ppl bring in with me...... fedex gr8 or rafaz gr8........ n dey go blah blah on fedex..... i say itz all shit....... d super human d goat thing allz shit.I never say fedex iz not a gud player he indeed is vat else can define a 13 times grandslam winner......................

derz only 1thing i can say 'If federer is great dan greatness will be defined by "NADAL and SAMPRAS" :D ' -teja :P
Nadal defines d passion of tennis,d power of athletism n over all d power of attitude :)
vat else can dis simple stat define how strong nadal iz:
NADAL who just reached his prime form of career has a higher percentage of wins than FEDERER in his career whoz at d end of showing his superiority.
I never take credit off federer coz,who else has in history denied a no.1 spot so long for a 5-time grandslam champ :( n who else has held d no.1 pos 4 237 ocnsecutive weeks.
DATz y i say FEDERER really iz gr8....... but itz just this dat NADAL IS GREATER :D :)
IF any1 doesnt agree yeah ur welcome 2 comment ur sure 2 get tomatoes n bricks as relpies :P


indianfuture said...

hahahahha... wat the fuck.. now what do u have to say about this.. nowadays poitning is scoring more runs and more centuries and also pointing has greater percentage of wins than tendulkar so pointing is greater than sachin when the greatest of all times Bradman and Richards have claimed sachin to be the best..
and i am also not saying that Nadal is not a good player.. may be he will come out to be the best in near future.. but till now no one has any doubt that Federer is still the best...

Sai Teja said...

ahaaaaaaaan........ now dont dare say mayb der'll b some day ven ponting'll b called a gr8er player.Der r diffrnt reasonz y tandulkar iz a gr8er palyer he waz d sole person responible 4 most of d indian wins registered in d mid 90z...
n i dont accept tendulkar iz a gr8er player of hiz class rather d way he kept his head down n worked 4 hiz cricket u say pontingz scoring much more centuries dan tendulkar.....datz not d case dude......tendulkar has a much b8r rate when hez actually fit itwaz hiz back prob dat dampened hiz career n only den waz ponting comparable 2 him....... :P
If u say even federerz having probz itwaz all in diz yr.....n as federerez style iz class he doesnt depend much on his athletism unlike NADAL....who inspite of his blister prob all thru d year ....waz successful..... n if u r not satisfied taking away diz yr even NADAL has a higher percentage of wins :D

Mani Shankar said...

enni samvatsaralaki oka post vastadi ra [:X]